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Breaking Barriers and Redefining the Fitness Industry with Denise & Katie Austin

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I’m a lover of all things beach, beauty, and branding. I’m also a mom, wife, fitness founder at Tone It Up, and I love helping women ignite their creative brilliance! 

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Get ready to be inspired to get up, get moving, unapologetically pursue your dreams and live your fullest life with Katie and Denise Austin—  YES, the iconic Denise Austin, aerobics queen and fitness star with her daughter, workout entrepreneur, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year, Katie Austin. This dynamic mother and daughter duo are not only dear friends of mine, they are the ultimate example of a family that encourages each other and breaks barriers together.

Tune into the episode HERE!

Check them out rocking the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway together!

Denise is the OG aerobics queen from the 80s. She’s been going strong for 40 years- talk about staying power! Denise Austin is a pioneer in the fitness industry and has changed millions of women’s lives. She is truly an icon that shook up the entire industry by bringing fitness into the home with workouts on VHS. After selling over 25 million copies, Denise has gone on to publish 12 best-selling books, host the longest-running fitness show in American History, and recently published a successful magazine called “Fit Over 50”.

I first met Denise when I was helping produce Jane Fonda’s DVD series as her Fitness Lead. Here’s a pic from 2010!

Denise Austin and Jane Fonda, February 2010 from

Katie Austin has not only followed in her mother’s footsteps… she’s walking side by side with her! Katie has taken her own philosophy and love for fitness and turned it into a successful app, her podcast- Austin AF, online workout programs and a community based on building confidence, dedication, and healthy living- plus she’s the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year!

I can’t wait to hear from you after the episode. Thanks for tuning in!

- Katrina

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