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Hospital Bag Checklist

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Today I’m sharing my Hospital Bag Checklist for having a baby!

I’m writing this post-labor and laughing because wow… I really didn’t need 8 scrunchies. I hope you find the below helpful!

You’ve got this mama! The biggest thing to take with you is that everything is going to be wonderful and you get to meet your baby. You’re in good hands and it’s going to be incredible.

Hospital Bag Checklist

So after experiencing the day… here’s a checklist based on importance! I link to everything below.

  1. LONG iPhone chargers / camera chargers — don’t forget these! 

2. Tripod- you can order a little one on Amazon. Unless you have a videographer (we didn’t), it’s amazing to just have a camera running during the special moments. Trust me… if they allow you to have a camera going during labor (V-birth), I recommend it. You can also set it up post-C-section. I watch our video every few months and it’s amazing because it brings me back to those first little Isabelle cries, Brian’s reaction to seeing her, my mom’s reaction, the chitchat in the L&D room, and all her first little noises. It’s nothing fancy (I’ll put part of it below). Just keep it rolling and when your husband, partner, or mom wants to grab it, they can hold the tripod and capture more moments. 

3. Portable music player + playlist! I’m putting this first, because it was so nice. Make some playlists beforehand and play during labor (and delivery!). 

4. First outfit for baby + mama 

5. Mini make-up bag. I brought mascara, lip stick, concealer, bronzer, brow pencil, and lip balm. 

6. Make-up remover and skin cleansing wipes. You won’t shower for a couple days, so these are a must! 

7. Pacifier if you choose… we didn’t bring them and we wish we did 

8. Very comfortable and soft pajamas 

9. Big ole mama undies! I remember roaming Macy’s for big, soft panties a few nights before we went to the hospital. 

10. Toiletry bag including toothbrush, etc 

11. Diffuser (rooms don’t allow candles)

12. White noise (Can also use phone and speaker). We needed this because it was distracting hearing some of the other floormates giving birth while we were trying to sleep.

13. Nipple Butter… yup

14. Going home outfit

15. Lastly, but not least, anything you want for the baby other than the necessities like diapers, swaddles (even tho they usually provide these at the hospital), and a cute outfit to come home in. Remember to of course set up your carseat weeks in advance just in case too!

For the Partner (from Brian)

  1. Card or gift for mama… aka ‘push present’. Brownie points if you get a congrats grandma card. (* Brian did not do this, but wishes he had, haha)

2. Thoughtful snacks or gifts for the nurses (* he brought tons of Tone It Up bars and candy, haha. #balance) 

3. Food… Brian didn’t bring food for himself, so he ate cheese and vending machine food for 3 days! 

4. Essential oils for massaging mama! 

5. Comfortable shoes! You’ll be standing a lot and possibly pacing the hallways

6. Mini bottles of champagne… shhh 

7. Toiletry bag and changes of clothes

Here’s the video from our Labor and Delivery Room!

What are you packing in your hospital bag or what did you pack? Would love to hear from you!

And if you’re headed into labor soon… you’re going to do great. Sending you so much love!!

- Katrina

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  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Bookmarking this for a few years down the line!

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