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How To Build Your Own Beautifully Branded Website

I'm Katrina!

I’m a lover of all things beach, beauty, and branding. I’m also a mom, wife, fitness founder at Tone It Up, and I love helping women ignite their creative brilliance! 

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Hi love,

I hope you’re having an amazing weekend. It’s Bella’s naptime and I’m sitting at my counter with my laptop and a glass of wine in hand 🙂

I’ve received so many messages about my website and I’m so excited to share that you can build your own personalized website too!


In October of 2019 I was searching everywhere for a template to build If you haven’t heard the story of how my personal blog came to be, tune into the very first Episode of the Podcast HERE!

Since this was not a typical company website or an eCommerce store, I wanted it to feel different and like a place of inspiration. I searched Shopify and WordPress templates, but nothing felt right for this personal passion project.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to aesthetic and when you visit, I want you to feel like you’re coming over to my house and chatting all things life, beauty, branding and beyond * also at my counter with a glass of wine in hand *.

When I was having dinner with my girlfriend Jenna Kutcher (listen to our podcast together here!), she recommended TONIC sites. So the next day I just bought a template * the Cosmopolitan * and started building my website that afternoon! It’s super easy, because you choose a template that you love and you can customize each page with your brand colors, typography, and photos.

As I got further along, I wanted to add some more pages for the Podcast landing page and some customization. So I reached out to Jen, the co-founder of TONIC, and she combined another one of her templates called ‘Paper Plane’ with the ‘Cosmo’!

Since then, we’ve become great friends and all I can say is she’s is so incredibly talented. Her and her TONIC partner Jeff pour their hearts into creating these amazing templates so creatives like us can build our own websites without paying hefty agency fees with our hands tied being our backs.

* slow clap with a tear running down my cheek *.

Seriously… IYKYK. I feel like I’ve been through the website wringer. It’s so rare to find something that is this beautiful, easy, and self-maintained.

You all know I love arts and crafts and a good DIY session, and this is what it feels like working with TONIC’s brilliant designs. Not only can you make updates by yourself, you don’t even have to know how to code or have any design skills- they already did all that for you!

All you need to know is your branding… which I can help you with that part! I’ll be sharing so much advice on discovering your brand DNA, personality, and promise on this blog!

Thank you to the talented team at TONIC for creating these beautiful templates at such an affordable price. And shoutout to Jen… I love you and our late-night chats geeking out over all things design, creativity, kids, and personal branding!

See more about TONIC here and use the code “KATRINASENTME” to get 15% savings on your website!

Let’s Brand Beautifully,

- Katrina

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If we’ve never met before, I’m so happy you’re here and that we’re connecting. I’m the creator of, a personal place of inspiration includes Home life, Work life, Mom life, and beyond and I’m the co-founder of Tone It Up, a fitness community for women where I’ve been featured in Forbes and business insider for building a fitness empire and on the Today Show for my work in Body kindness and postnatal self-love. 

I’m a mom, a passionate female founder, and a creative brand builder *that just so happens to love squats.


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