What I Love About Tonic Templates:

They're so easy to use (even if you're not techy)

Seriously, because of how cool Showit, (the platform TONIC uses for all their template designs) is, I can change everything about my own site myself (okay, Brian may help sometimes), which means I'm never held back from what I want to do... no coding (or crying into a glass of wine) required.

THEY FEEL like a totally custom site, made just for you:

The TONIC templates? Do not feel like templates. Seriously, they feel like $20,000 custom websites that just happen to be ready and waiting for you and your next move... right now. For a tiny fraction of the cost!

When I had the seeds of the idea that became Live Beautifully, I knew I needed a place for that dream to live. So I started looking around for a website platform that I could actually use MYSELF... that I could edit and pivot and dream and create with — so I didn't have to rely on someone else when I had a new idea or something fresh to add.

Over dinner and wine my friend Jenna Kutcher told me about TONIC and their line of code-free, completely customizable templates for modern, stylish creatives, and as soon as I saw their designs, I was like... YES. This is it!

I bought my design, started customizing it myself, and asked the co-founder Jen to combine some more of her templates. I couldn't be happier with the result. Nothing about it feels like a template — it feels like me. My heart, my brand, my dream, communicated beautifully. Thank you Tonic!


You've got a dream. You've got an idea. You've got a purpose. But your dream deserves  a beautiful website!

plus, these sites are so gorgeous!

they're absolutely beautiful... (but also totally strategic)

I've gotten endless compliments on my site (even from big website agencies!) because it just doesn't look like anything else online. Pretty is powerful, for sure, but Jen & Jeff built their templates with a ton of marketing and user experience
strategy, too!