Most of us are teased for something growing up. For me, I was picked on for being heavier than all the other kids in my class. At 12 years old, I discovered exercise and fell in love with fitness! I learned how to be healthy, lost weight, and gained confidence. In high school I spent most my afternoons after school in the weight room and working at a nutrition store. That’s when I decided to go to college to study Health Science and become a personal trainer to help other women find health and confidence! 


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After college I started working as a personal trainer at Boston Sports Club. Since I was training long hours, I lost track of my own health and fitness goals. It was the first time in my life that I was working around the clock and trying to balance life on my own— career, health, friends, and family. I knew I had to find the balance for myself so I could help others, but I struggled to find the time and energy.  

Along this journey I learned an important lesson— in order to serve others, we have to take care of ourselves first. That's when I decided to prioritize my dreams and fitness goals. With daily Tone It Up workouts and healthy meals from the TIU nutrition plan, I transformed and was able to give more of myself to my personal training clients and community! 




In 2018, I became pregnant with my baby girl. Throughout my pregnancy I gained over 40 pounds… a wonderful and healthy 40 pounds! I embraced stretch marks, cellulite and all of the physiological changes (over 500 to be exact) that happen while we are creating a new life. My goal in sharing my journey is to make sure women don't feel ashamed of these beautiful changes— we are creating a human and we deserve love, kindness, and grace. Also, I never want Bella to think she 'ruined my body' or any other unhealthy narratives that come along with pregnancy and motherhood. 


Society puts so much pressure on us to have the so called 'snapback'. Women are encouraged to coverup until we look how we did pre-baby... but we're not supposed to look the same—we created a new life! My post-baby journey was a slow and steady. I still looked about 5 months pregnant at 5 months postpartum and that's normal and okay. Now, 2 years postpartum, my hips are wider, my tiger stripes are still shining, and I'm stronger than ever. 

You're allowed to be stronger than you ever were... but we're not going backwards. We're in our new body. 


My transformation continues! 

After two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy, we moved forward with IVF. I'm happy to share we are now pregnant with our rainbow baby!

I’m proud to be a Tone It Up mama and I'm grateful to be on this journey with all of you. 


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- Katrina Scott

Fitness isn't a destination,
it's a lifelong journey of
self-love, self-care,
and self-discovery.