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3 Apps I use for Personal Branding

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I use these 3 apps every day on my phone for personal branding.

Whether you’re branding yourself, your business, or the company you are doing brand work for… it’s important for your audience to recognize and connect with your brand DNA.

Today, I’m sharing the iPhone Apps that help with one small, but important, part of branding— your look and feel. I’ll share more on brand identity, personality, promise, and experience in the future!


Canva could quite possibly be the most useful and easy design program I’ve ever used. When you sign up, you can use the desktop and app version. This is where I make all my collages for shop posts and stories. I just wish I started using it sooner… but better now than never!

Canva allows you to design beautiful infographics for your brand including quotes, email templates, newsletters, instagram, thumbnails for your videos, designed video clips, and beyond. It also has a brand elements section where you can upload your logo, colors, and typography so your branding is strong, recognizable, clean, and consistent. It’s super intuitive and there are so many tutorials on YouTube.


I’ve been using this app for years to edit my videos. I know there are so many on the market now, but I can’t seem to get away from this one. I just love all of the tools and how easy it is to create videos for all platforms- especially home videos. You can clip videos together, mute, split sound, voice-over, add royalty-free music, speed up, slow down, and so much more. I don’t do any color correcting in this app though. That’s next…


Lightroom Presets allow you to have a consistent look and feel with all your photography, iPhone photos, and FlatLays. It gives your website, your Instagram feed, and your branding a cohesive aesthetic and theme that is recognizable, relevant, beautiful and inviting.

You can also get my free Ciao Bella preset for Lightroom by signing up for my newsletter below! You’ll immediately get your preset and personal notes from me 🙂

My friend Nicole Hill, talented photographer and founder of Horizon Found, created this amazing preset for all of us! She helps make all of my aesthetic dreams come true…


Additionally! If you’re looking for an amazing way to design and format emails, Flodesk is my go-to. Over the years I have used a handful of different email design platforms and Flodesk is by far my favorite. They made the process so simple by having pre-made layouts to choose from that you can customize to your preferred scheme. It’s so nice because each email is so effortlessly clean and cohesive.

What are your favorite apps? Share below!

Let’s brand beautifully,

- Katrina

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  1. Michele says:

    I love Color Story, Snapseed, and Tezza app. I did recently download Ciao Bella and it is beautiful. 🤍 xx- Michele

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