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Sunset Walk with Mama Jane- Q&A Podcast Episode

Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

Happy holidays! I hope you and your family are healthy and are able to soak in the magic of the season. I also hope that your heart is filled with joy and peace while we head into the new year together.

 Today, I have a very special guest on the Live Beautifully Podcast, my mom – Jane!

When my parents were visiting for Thanksgiving, Brian thought it would be nice if my mom and I went for a sunset walk and did a Q&A together. We talk about creating complete Autonomy for your Children, Space to Make Mistakes, learning Consequences the easy and hard way, having Deep Relationships with your Adult kids, Long Distance tips, and Being Present as a Mother when there is so much going on in life. 

Thank you so much for texting your questions and commenting on Instagram. If you missed it, we answered the first half of your questions while making Apple Crisp for the holidays.

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It’s actually really interesting to do a Q&A with your parents… It’s an opportunity to ask them questions about life, mistakes, what maybe they would do differently, advice for you and your life, or parenting, and just getting them to open up about their lived experiences that maybe they wouldn’t have opened up about about before.

I highly recommend going for a sunset walk with a family member this holiday season… It can be a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a sibling, or a friend and just asking them similar questions from this video.

I love this episode and I’m really thankful we had to opportunity to record it while she was visiting… My mom has been through so much in her lifetime— she has faced adversity, challenges, love and loss. She’s handled so many of the roadblocks in her life with grace and hope— maintaining a special kind of integrity and poise. I admire her for her kindness, compassion, generosity, and commitment to others. I’m so thankful she also agreed to do this episode with me because she was a little nervous to be on camera. So Thank you for joining us… and for all your kind words. She really looks forward to seeing you comments and sharing your experiences as well. 

Brian bravely walked backward on the boardwalk here in Manhattan Beach- at times you may get a little dizzy, but we hope you feel like you’re on the walk with us!

Thank you for subscribing to this podcast and supporting. I love you so much and I’m thankful we can connect here so often.

Happy Holiday Season xxo

- Katrina

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