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Strawberries & Cream Mocktails

Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

Happy Galentine’s Day, gorgeous! You deserve a sweet treat to go along with your chocolate-dipped strawberries and sugar cookies.

I’ve been loving creating mocktails lately. They’re so good to make while cooking dinner, to have after work to unwind, and to make with girlfriends on the weekend. Plus, it’s so much easier to wake up early with babies and kids when you’ve sipped a mocktail * IYKYK *

These Strawberry and Cream mocktails are so delicious and creamy! I hope you enjoy them with some r&r… you deserve it. Sending you all my love!

Cheers galentine,

- Katrina

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