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Welcome to Live Beautifully! I’m Katrina Scott. I'm a mom, a passionate female founder, and a creative brand builder.  I love community, connection, and helping amazing women just like you turn your passion into your purpose. 

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Hey gorgeous! It’s been a long year+ without wearing jeans at home. Most zoom calls were spent wearing sweats or yoga pants, but I’m so ready to be back in my favorite look– light denim, a cute tank, kicks, and some gold jewelry. Today I’m doing a round-up of my favorite light wash denim for […]

My Favorite Collagen Latte Recipe

I love my morning latte… I look forward to every morning that I wake up! Lately I’ve been obsessed with this quick recipe… best part? It doesn’t make any noise that will wake up Bella or Brian (my espresso machine is super loud and takes a while). My Daily Collagen Latte Handful of ice 1 […]

Podcast 009: How to Feel Confident, Worthy, & Beautiful with Hunter McGrady

Today I have the most incredible guest… Hunter McGrady. If you haven’t seen her before, you’re going to fall in love with her spirit and her heart. Her journey to confidence and success has not been easy, but she has never let adversity be a barrier to success.  Today, Hunter is breaking down cultural beauty barriers […]

Podcast 008: 5 Ways to De-Stress and Increase Productivity

Happy Friday! Wow… not sure how this week flew, but here we are. Today’s episode of the podcast is short and sweet— it’s all about de-stressing and increasing productivity… and of course, living more beautifully. How many of us feel overwhelmed lately? Between zoom fatigue, pandemic fatigued, work fatigue, feeling overcommitted… and for all my […]

Podcast 007: How to Discover Your Identity Outside of Work and Motherhood with Shanicia Boswell

When I think back to some of my favorite Live Beautifully conversations… this will always be one of them. I’m so excited to have my friend, Shanicia Boswell on the podcast today… seriously, you’re going to love her. If you don’t know Shanicia yet, you’ll feel right at home with her. She’s totally that girlfriend […]

Our Latest Fertility Update

Hi loves… First, I want to thank you all for being on this journey with us. I shared that we suffered two miscarriages in 2020… and these past few week’s I’ve been re-living all the ‘One Year Ago!’ reminders. *deep sigh* Looking back, I didn’t know I could be brave, but when life hands you […]

Podcast 006: The Legend Behind Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, MJ Day

Wow… I can’t believe I am writing this post. Ever since I was a little girl, I admired the strong women who graced the most iconic publication there is… Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. What began as a magazine for men during the lull of sports in the winter season, became the epitome of strong, confident, and […]

How To Build Your Own Beautifully Branded Website

Hi love, I hope you’re having an amazing weekend. It’s Bella’s naptime and I’m sitting at my counter with my laptop and a glass of wine in hand 🙂 I’ve received so many messages about my website and I’m so excited to share that you can build your own personalized website too! DIY WEBSITE In […]

Podcast 005: Managing Expectations, Evolving, and Leading With Your Heart

Hi loves! Today is our first AMA Episode– ‘Ask Me Anything’. If you ever want to submit your question… text me HERE and start your text with AMA! Thank you so much for submitting your texts… it means the world to hear from you! When I first started reading your texts, I noticed a theme […]

Podcast 003: It’s Not Too Late For You

Hi beautiful, I had another episode scheduled, but I’ve been receiving a lot of texts this week asking a consistent question… ‘what if it’s too late for me’? and comments like, “I’m afraid to start”. I heard worries of changing careers, dating, hobbies, starting a new passion project, and building a new business. I also […]

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If we’ve never met before, I’m so happy you’re here and that we’re connecting. I’m the creator of, a personal place of inspiration includes Home life, Work life, Mom life, and beyond and I’m the co-founder of Tone It Up, a fitness community for women where I’ve been featured in Forbes and business insider for building a fitness empire and on the Today Show for my work in Body kindness and postnatal self-love. 

I’m a mom, a passionate female founder, and a creative brand builder *that just so happens to love squats.


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