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Join us for today’s episode! We catch up and discuss life lately, raising daughters, turning 40, connection, love languages, and life lessons. We hope you enjoy. Sending our love! Listen on Spotify HERE or Apple Podcasts HERE Text me your AMA questions anytime 213-205-3604 or at this link- ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Subscribe on YouTube at ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Connect with […]

Gift Guide for Him, Her, Babies & Beyond

If you’re like me… you’re still shopping for Christmas! Luckily, there’s still time to ship and shop! Here are gifts for her… I also included some for older daughters, kids, and babies! Send this post to your partner as a nice hint hint too… GIFTS FOR HER We have Caraway Ceramic Cookware and it’s our […]

You’re Invited! Join us for a Live Holiday Decorating Party

It’s time to channel your inner Martha… because we’re going to make dried garland together and decorate the table for Thanksgiving! Best part? It’s going to be super simple and everyone can do it. I created a little Amazon shopping list below so you can receive your items in time for the party! Whether you’re […]

Birthday Episode: Uptown girl, Romance, and Horoscopes

Thanks for coming over for my birthday! Today, my neighbor and girlfriend Aurora gives me my horoscope… and according to the moon I’m emotional, loyal, romantic, and totally impractical. This episode is hilarious and fun. Pour your mocktail and join us! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel @KatrinaScottLifestyle HERE! The audio version is also on the […]

Sarah Beran, Cancer Survivor and Advocate on Life, Love, Motherhood, and Style

I am honored and grateful to have Sarah Beran on Live Beautifully to share her story. Sarah and I met 13 years ago and we’ve experienced so much together. From careers to marriage, friendship and motherhood, she has been such an inspiration to me and everyone around her. In April of 2020, she received a […]

Last minute Halloween Decor

It’s spooky season! If you’re decorating last minute, I created a Halloween Amazon store for all the fun decor. Swap out those candles for black and incorporate skulls, spiders, webs, potions, and witch hats! I can’t wait to see your set up on Halloween! Tag me on instagram at @katrinascott and @livebeautifully

Family Fun Treats – Pumpkin Mousse + Mocktails

Today’s guest on Live Beautifully is Brooke Baevsky… aka Chef Bae! Brooke is such a fabulous chef. I first met her at a friend’s baby shower and we’ve since made quite a few mocktails together. She is incredibly talented and makes cooking fun. I love learning from her! Today, she came over to share two […]