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5 ways to heal with creativity

Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

So many of you reached out with love over the last week and we just want to say thank you. Your support over the years has meant the world. You’ve been there for us through so many chapters including moving to California, our wedding, babies, fertility, loss, the pandemic, building TIU, and beyond. Brian and I feel the deepest gratitude in our hearts for you- you have been a huge part of our life, identity, and purpose.

I’ve been reading through each of your messages and stories. A common thread that ties us all together is we’re all going through something… and have all experienced pivotal times in our lives. Pain and suffering is universal… but so is hope and love.

A lot of the stories you have shared are about loss- losing a loved one, a pregnancy, a family member, and stories of illness, grieving, but most of all, survival. Survival is hard and heavy. Being in survival mode is continuous and chronic to our bodies and hearts. That chronic heaviness then passes to our children and everything that we experience. I want you to know that you will survive. Survival is coming out on the other side with perspective, protection, and perseverance. You’re doing incredible navigating the unimaginable loss and challenges that you shared.

Many of you are also going through big transitions. Whether that’s moving, having children, starting new relationships, changing careers, or finding new purpose. These big shifts take big changes that require us to tap into our creativity to discover new possibilities within ourselves. I have made all decisions in the last year solely on finding peace, happiness, and a much healthier balance for our family unit at home.

My advice for any of you going through change, is to always pause in the pain before your pivot. For me, I had no plan, no new interest, no path or venture in mind, and no idea what the future would hold. As someone who never likes change, this left me feeling so uncertain. I’m going to share how we held hands as a family through it all and healed with creativity.

I hope these tips help you as you navigate your life changes and challenges:


Simon Sinek shares, ‘Healing and happiness comes from helping others‘. Remember that one day, your healing will become someone else’s survival guide.

A few ways to do this is to research local programs in your community. You can read to the elderly in nursing homes or kids at children’s hospitals, volunteer at animal shelters, plan a fundraiser, or join a charity that aligns with your heart. Focusing your energy on giving back is not only healing, it’s vital to the people who need you the most. Someone out there is wishing for a heart like yours to be in their life. Put yourself out there, meet people in your community, get creative, and start sharing your heart.


This may seem silly at first, but it’s so therapeutic. Make dancing part of your evening routine. Turn up the music in the kitchen and while dinner is on the stove, dance for just 5-10 minutes. This can be by yourself, with a loved one, or with your family. The way Isabelle and Colette’s eyes light up when they see us dancing is so pure and magical. Isabelle smiles so big and joins in and Colette watches and claps. Colette just started ‘cruising’ along the kitchen too, so she does the little *knee-bending bounce* move.


You never know if you love something new unless you try. When we’re younger, we get to discover so much of our creativity, but as we get older, we feel like it’s too late for us. I just committed to going to a pottery class with a friend and I’m really excited to see what we create.

Search for local classes. Learn to play a new instrument, or try out singing, painting, drawing, poetry, theater, photography, or a new sport!


Many of you shared that you’re craving growth— in yourself, in your work, and in your life at home. A lot of personal growth can come from physically creating and building. If you’re feeling stuck, get creative. You can plant a garden, paint a mural, make jewelry for friends or a charity, or make scrapbooks.

In this season of change, I’ve been sketching and creating as much as I can. As many of you know, Brian is a talented innovator and product developer. His creative outlet (and in many ways, his therapy) is making just about anything. He’s been spending a lot of his time in our neighbor’s shop restoring vintage cars and trucks. Every other week or so I pick him up somewhere on the side of the road as he leans smiling next to a broken down car *kinda part of our routine now* . He’s also doing lots of tile work, planting an herb garden, and he created a patent pending grilling tool. I’m so proud of him in every way, because career shifts for men can be a lot harder because of pride and shame. He has handled this shift with so much heart that radiates warmth and reassurance. It’s also teaching Isabelle so much about building her own dreams with grit and passion.


I learned this through therapy in 2019 and it has helped tremendously over the years. Your inner-child is still with you— her personality, creativity, and emotions. In our adult life, we are taught to push down those parts of us, but tapping into this part of our subconscious mind can bring up so much renewal and rebirth. Get silly, get artsy, and get curious.

There is so much to this, but for now, find a picture of yourself when you were a child. Place that picture next to your journal and just start writing what that little girl loved and dreamt of. Write her letters about overcoming obstacles. What would you tell her about life? What would you teach her to tolerate? What would you want her to create? Embody her every day and make her proud.

This spring I sat down with myself and just started doodling… which became sketches. Growing up, I would sketch out a design and my mom, a talented seamstress, would make it come to life. Whether it was a prom dress, pants, a top, or a swimsuit, my mom would make the pattern and piece it together. It was so magical to see visions come to life. I have craved the feeling of imagining something and watching it come to life with playfulness and freedom.

That’s where my new creative outlet KSL came from. It started as a little doodle and will soon launch as swimwear and linen sets. It’s purely a passion project that has been part of my own healing and inner-child work. The line is also made locally here by female designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses. I’m so excited to share with you!

I hope this all helped you and what you’re going through. Reading through your letters brought me so much closer to you and I am so grateful that you shared your stories with me.

I also hope this inspires you to get creative. You never know what you could create if you sit with yourself (and your inner-child). You deserve peace, happiness, love, playfulness, and to discover new parts of you!

All my love,

- Katrina

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  1. Amber Mamian says:

    Such great advice. I remember reading an article in Oprah magazine years ago on an airplane. If lost myself in motherhood and was going through motions in a career I created and grew to loathe. The article had the most simple question. It asked one thing you loved to do most in childhood. For me it was riding horses. Easy answer. The next question was how often you practiced this thing you loved now as an adult- BAM! It was zero, for years I had not touched nor ridden a horse. It was something so simple that I could easily add once in awhile back to my routine to bring me joy. I immediately told my husband, created a plan and it truly made all the difference. I found myself once I found joy and I was able to create a career better than one I had tried to dream up.

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