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Hi from Arizona!

Wow, we are so excited for this new chapter. Our family decided to get a home away from home in Arizona to be able to venture out and spend more time together.

My mom’s really excited to come visit too… her whole family lived in Scottsdale for a while and my dad and her would visit before my brother and I were born. They’re looking forward to family time, grandbaby time and golf time…

The house is I’d say a mix between Adobe and old Spanish. Do any of you have Spanish or Adobe style homes or inspo that you love? I’d love to see! I’m obsessed with the terracotta floors, the archways, and the pretty southwestern details.

We’ll be upgrading some spaces and sharing some DIY projects. If you watch my stories on instagram you’ll see that Brian and his dad have already started tearing out walls in the kitchen..

Here’s my inspo saved from Pinterest. I can’t wait to pick out tiles and find some vintage pieces! I’ll definitely need your help picking everything out. Ironically there’s a hotel called The Scott Resort that has the coolest desert vibes. I keep saving pics from them too…

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Love you all!


I put together my favorite Desert Decor Finds HERE!

- Katrina

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  1. Zuzana says:

    When you say Spanish I instantly see colors! I would definitely put unexpected (and colorfull) pops of color here and there 😉 maybe one whole wall 😁

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