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Becoming a Creative Leader with Lorna Jane

Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

I am so excited for today’s episode. I sat down with my friend Lorna Jane Clarkson. She is the founder and creator of the iconic activewear brand, Lorna Jane

Lorna has been the pioneer for women’s activewear since 1990 when she founded the brand from her living room floor. We go back to the beginning from wearing her handmade activewear while instructing fitness classes to her brand becoming a global empire. Lorna and I have been friends for many years now and have been connected since the moment that we met.

This is such a special episode, especially for creatives, leaders, and women in business. Lorna and I talk about what to do when that creative brilliance sparks, how she’s been successful in leading a team, and how she’s evolved along the way. This is such an inspirational episode, I can’t wait to share it with you!

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- Katrina

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