Welcome to Live Beautifully! I’m Katrina Scott. I'm a mom, a passionate female founder, and a creative brand builder.  I love community, connection, and helping amazing women just like you turn your passion into your purpose. 

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Gary. Vaynerchuk. I feel so honored to be typing out that name as a guest on the Live Beautifully podcast! Gary Vee has been a source of inspiration, career motivator, and an impactful guiding voice to me for so many years. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been coined the title of “one of […]

Cyberbullying, Mom Shaming, and Postpartum Body Image with Cameron Rogers

Cameron Oaks Rogers is mom, wife, mental wellness advocate, and community leader. She shares her raw voice and relatable humor to cultivate a candid space that reminds her audience they are never alone on their journey. This March, I had the opportunity to sit down with Cameron in New York. We recorded such an amazing, open conversation. We discuss everything […]

Katherine Wolf: Dream New Dreams

It was an honor to connect with a woman who has been an inspiration to me for years. Katherine Wolf is a wife, mother of two, an advocate, speaker, and a survivor. From suffering a catastrophic stroke at the age of 26, to living with endless disabilities, she has profound wisdom to share with you […]

Embracing Life, Choosing Joy, and Overcoming with Mally Roncal

Mally Roncal is a founder, author, advocate, motivational speaker, positivity preacher, wife, and a mama of 3. She got her start as a celebrity make-up artist to Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, and Mary J. I got to sit down with Mally in New York City and discuss everything from true inner beauty, self-love, embracing life’s lessons […]

Shop Black Owned Brands & Designers

Hi gorgeous! Today I’m highlighting some of the amazingly talented black-owned brands and designers on Revolve. Here’s a list of just a few beautiful pieces that I’m loving!

Unapologetically Create the Life You Desire Marie Forleo

Photographer Credit: ERIC MICHAEL PEARSON Marie Forleo is a “multipassionate entrepreneur”, writer, philanthropist & “unshakable optimist”. She is a first mover in the business coaching world. Taking her unique combination of skills and turning them into a digital empire that has touched millions. Through her award-winning show MarieTV, world-class online training programs, and her #1 New York Times […]

AMA: Parenting, Love, & Laughter with Brian

How’s your heart? If you had a challenging week, I’m reaching through the screen and giving you strength and resilience. You’ll get through this— take time this weekend to breathe, decompress and do things that make your soul happy.  If you missed it, I just shared a brand new podcast episode! I recorded with Brian […]

If we’ve never met before, I’m so happy you’re here and that we’re connecting. I’m the creator of, a personal place of inspiration includes Home life, Work life, Mom life, and beyond. I’ve been featured in Forbes and business insider for building a fitness empire and on the Today Show for my work in Body kindness and postnatal self-love. 

I’m a mom, a passionate female founder, and a creative brand builder. Thanks for being here!


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