Welcome to Live Beautifully! I’m Katrina Scott. I'm a mom, a passionate female founder, and a creative brand builder.  I love community, connection, and helping amazing women just like you turn your passion into your purpose. 

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How’s your heart? If you had a challenging week, I’m reaching through the screen and giving you strength and resilience. You’ll get through this— take time this weekend to breathe, decompress and do things that make your soul happy.  If you missed it, I just shared a brand new podcast episode! I recorded with Brian […]

Spring Essentials

Warmer weather and longer, sunnier days are right around the corner. Here’s a roundup of my favorite spring styles!

Sisterhood, Identity and The Gift of Forgiveness with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

Today on the podcast I sat down with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt. Katherine is such a light, which radiates positivity, perspective, and purpose.  She’s a mom, wife, New York Times Bestselling Author, animal advocate, and source of inspiration to moms everywhere. She shares her life as a mom of 2 on Instagram with her mom hacks […]

From Rock Bottom to Rebuilding Your Life with Chris and Lori Harder

Brian and I had the pleasure of visiting and sitting down with our long-time friends, Chris and Lori Harder. This conversation takes place over a glass of wine sitting around their dining room table. It is such a beautiful and authentic conversation between four friends about the peaks and valleys of life, pursuing your goals, […]

AMA: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Tapping into Your Creativity

Today is such a fun episode where I sat down with my brand assistant, Lacy as she went through your AMA’s (ask me anything). We dove into my role as an entrepreneur, lessons I have learned along the way, skills that define a good leader, challenges of being a woman in leadership, and so much […]

Postpartum Bodies, Minds, and Relationships with Tori Simeone Dietz

Today on the podcast, I sat down with the incredible Tori Simeone Dietz. It’s rare that you get to be so close in timing on a postpartum journey— and we’re just 2 months apart with Colette and Harper! Tori is a mom, wellness expert, actress, model, and lifestyle creator (you’ve seen her dancing for the […]

Shift Your Mindset to Get Results & Earn Your Happiness with Lori Harder

This is such a special episode where I sat down with my dear friend Lori Harder. She’s a founder, entrepreneur, 3-time world fitness champion, wife, friend, mentor, and an inspiration to so many. She is an author and a podcast host of Earn Your Happy . Through her books, coaching, and courses, she has helped […]

If we’ve never met before, I’m so happy you’re here and that we’re connecting. I’m the creator of, a personal place of inspiration includes Home life, Work life, Mom life, and beyond. I’ve been featured in Forbes and business insider for building a fitness empire and on the Today Show for my work in Body kindness and postnatal self-love. 

I’m a mom, a passionate female founder, and a creative brand builder. Thanks for being here!


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