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Ciao Bella Baby Shower

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katrina scott Ciao Bella Baby Shower

If I were to dream up the perfect day to celebrate baby Bella…it would be this day. Thank you for showering her with so much love. I’m going to go through every detail of how the day came together!

A few weeks before the shower Brian and I went on our babymoon and that’s where I came up with the theme of her shower — everyone kept saying ‘Ciao Bella’ in Italy and I kept thinking, they’re saying her name and don’t even know! So we made her shower theme ‘Ciao Bella’ filled with delicious pizza, a gelato bar, and little touches from our trip.

We hosted the shower at my house, which turned out to be perfect so we could set up the day before. I thought about doing it on the beach or at a park…and thank goodness we didn’t because it was 90 and so hot that day.

Also~ for any of you that missed her name announcement~ she’s named after both of our mom’s moms~ Isabelle (my grandma) Margaret (Brian’s grandma) Scott. We actually named her 15 years ago…Brian and I said if we ever have a little girl we would name her after our grandmas. We’re so excited to meet her!

I’ll link to as much as I can throughout the post and at the end.

First…when I found out we were having a girl, I started to get excited for her shower. I knew we’d be able to use a lot of the pink depression glass I found for our wedding!

I found most of our pink depression glass from Etsy. You can find the beautiful safe green color too. If you search for depression glass, you can find the most beautiful colors! I still take out my champagne flutes on special occasions. This is what I used for the dessert table, candle votives, pink accents, and her cake stand– which was the one from our wedding. I love light pink and sage green mixed together, so we went with those two colors with a touch of gold.

Brian helped us hang our Ciao Bella photo backdrop before he left for the day! I contacted my favorite Macrame designer from Etsy, Macrame Elegance, to rent this beautiful tulle backdrop.

My girlfriend Angela picked up a bunch of monstera leaves and palms to spray paint gold, which turned out to be the perfect touch of green all over the house. * Just make sure to ask your friends to do the spray painting! The fumes are strong.

While we were out getting spray paint at Michaels, we picked up the letters to spell out her name ~ which I highly recommend so you can put it in the nursery after.

I also recommend printing pictures from either your pregnancy announcement, ultrasound, or fun Instagram shots from your pregnancy journey to put around the shower!

I picked up some gold frames at Target that I’m going to be using in her nursery too!

We transformed my living room into a comfy boho lounge. My sofa only seats a few people, so this was the best way to set up the space.

I already had a lot of the pillows and poufs and then rented what I didn’t have from Archive, including these gorgeous marigold cushions– need these!

If you buy some poufs and cushions, they’re perfect for a playroom or nursery after 🙂 I love all of these from Target.

You girls know I’m obsessed with fresh flowers around the house. So for this special day I went to the talented Euri Wong from Bloominous and wow…she completely blew us away! Her arrangements made the entire shower. She did touches of dusty pink roses, marigold roses, tropical ferns, dahlias, and pampas grass. Everywhere we turned there was a breathtaking arrangement.

For anyone that’s having a special party or wedding, I highly recommend Euri! She is just so amazing~ I can’t say it enough!!

The tablescape was designed by Be Inspired with place-settings rented from Archive Rentals. Here are some beautiful woven chargers from Target.

For rosé I went to my favorite local company, One Hope Wine. They’re based right here in the South Bay. They also sent these adorable mini champagne bottles for everyone as party favors.

I purchased the tags “Pop When She Pops” on Etsy. This is really nice to send to family members who can’t be there for your baby’s ‘birth day’.

For all of the place-settings, Delovely Details made all the girl’s names in gold. You can custom make place-settings, big letters, and signs. She also made the big Ciao Bella sign. I think this was one of my favorite touches to the entire shower. It made everything feel so personable.

The custom menu, rosé bar sign, and Photo Booth sign were made by Be Inspired. You can either have these made, or print something and put it in a frame!

Okay, so this was a last minute addition. I asked Brian if we could permanently have it in front of our house…he compromised and said only for parties, so I’m going to have to come up with lots of celebrations so this trailer can come back.

For any of you that have weddings, showers, or parties, it was the perfect way to greet everyone. Thank you to the entire team at Bubble Tap Trailer!

For your shower, I definitely recommend having a little champagne set up to greet all your guests.

Inspired by our trip to Italy, we did a whole flatbread pizza spread! Thank you to my friend and talented chef, Jenny Messing, owner of Kitchen Vibes for creating the perfect menu!

  • Charcuterie Board
  • Flatbread Pizzas
  • Fresh Salads
  • Rosé Floats ~ just gelato with a splash of rosé
  • Bella Inspired, Gigi Pam Approved!

The cake may have been the best thing we’ve ever tasted! We chose ‘Champagne Orange’, which was Plumeria Cake Studio’s top rated cake! They also put together the most delicious cookies, donuts, and treats.

Treat yo self… and the baby!

Who doesn’t love a little party favor!? I love getting little gift bags from a craft store and putting candy, lip balm, beauty products, and a candle inside. Whether it’s a party, thanksgiving, or a birthday, I always have a lil somethin somethin for everyone.

I was so excited to hear from Lauren Ashley Studio ~ she made custom curated gifts for the entire shower… you have to check out her service. It’s so amazing– you can choose what you like from her gifts, and she sends it out! It’s perfect for a party or a one-time gift.

Besides bubbly…games are a great way to get the party started. For games the girls and I put together a few really fun ones!

Name that Baby~ everyone had to send a baby picture of themselves and we hung them up. Everyone guesses who’s who for a prize! We all pooled together for a beauty bag prize.

Guilty…Wasn’t Me~ We thought it would be really fun to play a game with just the future grandmas. So I interviewed both my dad and father-in-law and asked funny questions about both of them as moms. Whether it was a story about being pregnant, giving birth, or parenting, I shared the story and they had to either hold up a sign that said ‘Guilty’ or ‘Wasn’t me’. It ended up being hysterical and everyone got to know our moms a lot more. I even learned a thing or two about them!

Videobooth~ My girlfriend Kerry set up a video booth (almost like a confessional– actually it definitely became a confessional) where everyone sat in and shared a message for Isabelle for a different part of her life. From sweet 16 birthdays, first crush, advice on breakups, college, moving in with a roomie, or just fun stories about all of her future aunties and uncles, everyone got sooo into it.

Of course, the more wine that was flowing, the less camera shy everyone was. Everyone ended up staying until midnight filming videos! Brian came home with his brother, my brother, and a bunch of the boys, so they all filmed a video too. I

‘m going to have to scrub through that footage some day. I highly recommend doing this. I know it’s not necessarily a ‘game’, but it will mean the most later on when Isabelle can watch videos from all of us including advice and stories from her grandmas.

Whether you’re planning a shower for a family member or girlfriend, or planning your own, here are my top tips!

Ask a few girlfriends to plan! This was huge. You’ll want to of course add some personal touches for your baby, but your girlfriends can really help organize and put it together so you can just focus on the fun stuff 🙂

Cater or potluck style! This will make it sooo much easier for whoever is hosting. We catered with Jenny because…well, she’s amazing and we’ve hired her before. It ends up saving stress and time so you can all enjoy the day.

Don’t overdo the games. We only played a couple games it was perfect. Sometimes if there are too many it can take over most of the day. Choose a couple fun ones and stick with those. We chose not to do any diaper games or poop themed ones…they figured I’d be dealing with enough of that after she comes, LOL, which is so true.

Make a playlist! I forgot to make a music playlist and I just kept playing pandora. It was just something I wish I had thought of before the day 🙂

Buy containers for extra food. This is also something I forgot to do. We had so much leftover pizza, cake, and cookies that it would have been nice to send everyone home with some. Instead, I ate like I was having quadruplets the days following the party because I didn’t want to waste any of it…

Use bud vases! If you’re doing the flowers yourself (or if you’re hiring a florist), flowers go a long way in little bud vases!

Hit up the craft store- this is where we got so many little things. You can pick up party favors, letters to spell out their name, cute stationary, votives, jars for candy, clothes pins and thread for hanging photos, frames, spray paint for ferns, decor… the list goes on!

Polaroid Camera! This is always a hit. Set it up with a cute backdrop and you can make an album after instead of asking everyone for the pics from their phones.

Assign 1-2 party planners to take pics OR hire a photographer friend (I say friend too, since it’s such an intimate day). This way you can enjoy yourself and not stress about being on your phone getting pics. Since we had our girlfriend Nicole Hill there, none of us stressed about photos and just enjoyed the day together.

Ask a girlfriend to take notes if you open gifts. Angela did this for me and it was a huge help!

That’s all I can think of for now… if you have any tips, comment below!!! Oh and one last thing~ make sure you have enough wine and champagne. Just because you’re not sippin’ the bubbly, doesn’t mean your family and friends can’t enjoy and celebrate!

Thank you to everyone who made this special day come together!

Here is the list of everyone including rentals, photographers, signage etc!

What I wore! I ordered a jumpsuit in size L and thankfully it was stretchy. It’s sold out now, but I found some similar looks.

Thank you Leila and the entire team at Be Inspired PR! You make dreams come to life!!! @beinspiredpr

Photography: The incredibly talented Nicole Hill 🙂 Love you!!!!!!

Pink and Green Depression Glass Goblets, plates, and cake plates

Rentals and Tabletop: Archive Rentals

Flowers: Bloominous

Cake and Desserts: Plumeria Cake Studio

Wine, Champagne, & Rosé One Hope Wine

Custom Signage + Rosé Bar Sticks: Delovely Details

Catering: Kitchen Vibes

Custom Gifting Boxes: Lauren Ashley Studio

Videographer: Juice Box Media

Bubbly Trailer: Bubble Tap Trailer

Macrame backdrop: Macrame Elegance

Invites: A Fabulous Fete

- Katrina

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  1. Amy says:

    So beautiful! I love the glass!!

  2. Zigana says:

    With all the commotion going on in the world with COVID and so many of my plans already canceled during my pregnancy, I knew I at least wanted to have my baby shower with a small intimate group of my closest friends and family members. And I m so glad that my friends and I made it happen because I had such a fabulous time!

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