Deja Riley: Fertility Struggles, Marriage Challenges, and Big Life Changes

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Earlier this spring, I had the opportunity to sit down with Deja Riley. She walked through my front door glowing more than ever. Her fertility journey has been long, difficult and heartbreaking. As she walked up the stairs, I felt this beautiful presence of life. She was newly pregnant and beaming with hope and joy. We waited to share this episode until after her recent pregnancy announcement. See her beautiful video here.

If you haven’t met Deja before, she is a wife, sister, friend, creative, mover, and motivator. She began her career as a dancer, performing with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, J.Lo, and Beyoncé. She pivoted into teaching workouts and is now a global ambassador for Lululemon. She’s also a podcast host for her new show, Dose of Duality where she encourages her listeners to “be a light & spread love where you go”.

Deja is the definition of life, vibrance, and determination. We discuss everything from her career in the dance world, to pivoting to fitness, life as a New Yorker, finding and fostering love, and her fertility journey. She opens up about her journey with infertility and the toll it can take on a relationship with your partner. This is such an honest and beautiful episode filled with hope, authenticity, and light.

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