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Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

On today’s episode of the Live Beautifully Podcast, I’m sitting down with founders Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik from the Almost 30 podcast and community. 

These two friends turned co-founders began Almost 30 on the floor of their closet… which gives me hope because that’s exactly where I’m sitting now. They have been hailed as “the best wellness podcast” with over 400 episodes and more than 30 million downloads. 

We talk about their journeys to CA, meeting each other, and ultimately creating Almost 30. This episode was such a wonderful time to record. I went to Venice to their studio and we sat down together to chat all the things. These two are so genuine, kind, and intentional with their conversations. We talk about everything going on in life, social media, working with your best friend, wellness routines, and everything in between. Can’t wait for you to join us. Let’s bring them on…

Also after tuning into this episode, be sure to check out my episode with them over on Almost 30–Katrina Scott: Fitness, Family + Finding New Versions of Self.

- Katrina

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