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Holiday Tablescape… everything you need

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Hi love, How are you? I apologize for the delay on this post… I meant to share last week, but as many of you saw, I had to travel back home.

Today, I’m sharing everything you need for a beautiful tablescape for the holidays.

I checked everything below, and all the items are in stock and/or available to ship by Christmas. You can also expedite shipping for Thanksgiving or use these pictures for inspiration to pick up items at your local Target, Pottery Barn, Home Goods, and beyond!

Here’s a quick checklist! Take inventory of what you have and then take a look below at my favorite entertaining decor!

  1. Chargers and Plates: Salad plates or bowls are optional (the plates we have at home are below!)

2. Flatware: I love bronze flatware. See below how to line up your forks and knives 🙂

3. Cloth Napkins: These last so long! If you don’t have them, they’re a great investment for all special occasions. I actually have my grandmother’s… so they’ve seen a lot of holidays and they’re special to us.

4. Water Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses: I shared my favorite glasses below- both traditional and modern. I’m also obsessed with shopping on Etsy for vintage Champagne Coupes and depression glass wine glasses.

5. Candlesticks and candles: I love the combination of tall tapered candles and votives. I also like mixing up the height.

6. Tablerunner: I just order “Cheesecloth” from Amazon. It’s easy, affordable, gauzy, romantic, and pretty. It also ships quickly!

7. Centerpiece: Anything goes! Remember to keep it low so you and your guests can see each other. It’s also really easy to cut flowers and put them into small bud vases. For greenery, I love a dried eucalyptus runner on Thanksgiving and fresh garland for Christmas and New Years. If you’re looking to make fresh garland, I like combining pine, fir, and cedar branches.

8. Finishing touches: Place cards, gratitude notes on your guest’s plates, and a piece of greenery on their napkin. For place cards, I like to keep it simple. Write their name on a piece of paper and on the other side write why you’re thankful for them or 3 words to describe them. For Christmas, you can buy clear ornaments at a craft store and write your guests name on them with gold pen. I did this 2 years ago and it was a big hit!

I can’t wait to see your holiday tablescapes!

Sending all my love,

- Katrina

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