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Podcast 002: How to Build a Brand with Massive Influence with Raissa Gerona

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How to Build a Brand with Massive Influence with Raissa Gerona, Chief Brand Officer of REVOLVE



When I think of some of the most influential brands in the last 7+ years… I think of REVOLVE. Not only did REVOLVE change the way women shop and experience a brand, they changed the way companies market their products and services. Ten years ago, most companies, especially in fashion, were hiring models to be photographed in their clothing/products for their eCommerce store, printing photos for advertisements, and sharing their images in-store, but then REVOLVE changed the game.

REVOLVE revolutionized brand marketing by making deep connections and authentic relationships with their community. Featuring their most influential women on trips, at events, and in real life, they pioneered the influencer marketing space and did things that no one ever saw before. In turn, REVOLVE has grown to be a billion dollar empire— and of course, there’s a brilliant woman behind the scenes raising the bar for everyone, Raissa Gerona.

Raissa Gerona is the Chief Brand Officer of REVOLVE and she is one of the coolest, most genuine, and hard working women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her talents extend far beyond fashion… she is a pure genius when it comes to influencer and experiential marketing, relationship building, and brand relevancy. Plus her personal style is freaking ICONIC.

I am beyond honored to have her on the show… and I can’t wait to hear from all of you! xxo

Here are some of my favorite Revolve moments over the years…

Check out the growth and evolution of Revolve Festival!
Angela and I never turn down dancing + pizza…


Intro: How are you really?

3:00-9:00 Building a Brand at night…

9:00- 15:00 Introducing Raissa Gerona – her American Dream Story

21:00 What is a Chief Brand Officer

26:00 – How she pioneered Experiential Marketing

31:00 What is an Influencer and why is it such an incredible ‘title’ to earn

34:00 How to enter a room dominated by men

42:00 How to Recover your career after a recession…

46:00 How Raissa Lives Beautifully 🙂

Photography: Tristan Kallas

Also, I was on a mom panel with her and some incredible women! Watch here…

Make sure to check out REVOLVE HERE and connect with Raissa on her Instagram HERE

Thank you everyone for tuning in and connecting… Love you all!

- Katrina

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