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If you’re like me, the winter months leave my skin wanting extra love and attention…aka hydration. Here are some tips and products that keep my skin feeling moisturized all year long!

4 Tips to Get that Extra Moisture:

1. Gentle Cleansers

Our skin is already working extra hard to stay hydrated in the winter, so help it out with a gentle cleanser. Switch over to cleansers that are filled with clean and moisturizing ingredients that are free of alcohol and preservatives that tend to dry out our skin.

I used to dry my skin out thinking that was the way to prevent breakouts, but I realized the more dry and flaky my skin was, the more my skin broke out because of clogged pores. As soon as I switched to gentle cleansers and started adding moisture, the more my skin cleared up! I share my faves below!

2. Serums and Oils

I love using a vitamin-c serum for an extra level of moisture on my face. Vitamin C helps reduce moisture loss, brightens your skin, and reduces hyperpigmentation. Add in body oil and lotion to your routine that includes hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the absolute best… it’s crucial to the elasticity of our skin. It sounds scary because of the word ‘acid’, but it’s actually moisturizing and ‘plumping’. Hyaluronic acid gives you a smoother texture, stimulates skin cell regeneration, and it’s a lipid barrier enhancer… aka it locks in moisture and helps protect your skin from everyday toxins.

3. Overnight Moisture

Nighttime is the perfect opportunity to lather up on moisturizing creams and serums- especially the ones that are hard to wear under makeup during the day. Consider this— if we sleep between 6-8 hours, that’s an amazing opportunity to reverse any drying we did during the day. I used to be terrible about my skincare routine at night… I’d wash my face or shower at night and just crash. Now, I make a conscious decision to take care of my skin… including my neck, chest, and arms! Sometimes my legs, but let’s not get carried away today. Baby steps 😉

4. Hydrate from Within

Nourishing our skin starts from within. Be sure that you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day and eating hydrating fruits and veggies. I recommend you drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day. Ex. 150 pounds would be 75 ounces. To mix it up, I love drinking sparkling water with lemon.



I love the Purifying Cleansing Gel from Boscia. This cleanser is so gentle especially for sensitive skin and made with only clean ingredients like hydrangea leaf, nourishing amino acids, and soothing green tea.

Boscia had shared a code for all Live Beautifully listeners that is still active! Use the code WKATRINA20 to get 20% off your order.

Vitamin C + More

My sweet friend, Emily DiDonato is the creator of Covey and it is amazing! It’s a 3-step system. If you’re a person who loves a simple but effective routine, this is it. Emily shared a code for you all! Use KAT10 to save 10%!

Nighttime Cream

Kubra Kay is an amazing brand founded by Khadidja Toure. I love all her products including the Nighttime A&E Cream!

Sunscreen… even in the winter!

Even on a cloudy day, I never leave the house without sunscreen. The Bliss Block Star Invisible Sunscreen has been my go-to for years now. It’s a perfect silky lightweight coverage for when you’re running out the door that doesn’t take away from your make-up look. I’ve also made it a priority to switch over my beauty products to clean and chemical-free, so this is perfect for meeting those needs.

I hope this helped inspire you to not only love the skin your in… but to take good care of it too! You deserve it.. xxo

- Katrina

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