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Must-Haves For Feeding Your Baby

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Hey mama!

I pulled together a list of my favorite must-haves for feeding your baby, no matter what feeding journey you are on.

First, no matter how you’re feeding, having a comfy rocking chair is a must. I got this beautiful gliding chair called the Phoenix Recliner from Pottery Barn Kids. It comes in an option of power or manual and it has been amazing. I chose the Ivory Brushed Boucle.


  • Having a feeding pillow is so nice for extra support to keep you and baby comfortable and cool.
  • This nipple butter has been my go-to for both of my girls. It really helps with soothing dry skin and even better, it’s made with all clean and organic ingredients.
  • The Haakaa is great for let-down. I would recommend the cap as well to prevent spilling! I also love their milk collector for when you’re feeding on one side.
  • I ordered this super soft nursing bra. A lot of my girlfriends have also loved the Hatch nursing bra.


  • For a high-quality and strong pump, my go-to has been the Spectra pump and accessory kit.
  • This pumping bra has been amazing for the convenience of being hands-free.
  • An amazing hands-free option is the Elvie Stride pump for on the go. It’s extremely quiet, hospital-grade, and so simple to use. Definitely recommend this!
  • My favorite bottle for Brian’s turn to feed, is the Comotomo Bottle.
  • *** I recommend the replacement caps to give your baby the slow- flow nipple. I didn’t realize that faster flows can lead to nipple confusion. If your baby doesn’t have to work as hard to get milk from the bottle, they may start rejecting your boob- so using a slow-flow will help with that.

Formula Feeding

I hope this all helps! You’ve got this mama!

- Katrina

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