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My Newborn Must Haves

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newborn must haves what to buy as new parents

Today I’m sharing my top newborn must-haves with you!

With all of the build-up leading up to your little one’s arrival, the last thing I want you to worry about is what to buy as new parents and if you have everything. It’s impossible to know everything, but it’s okay! Here are the top things that I personally found so helpful as new parents. Oh also… congrats!! 🙂 I know it’s such an unknown time, but it’s exciting, new, and such a beautiful blessing!

If you haven’t seen my hospital checklist, check it out HERE so you can back your bags early. You’ve got this!

See below for more items!

Newborn Must-haves and What to Buy as New Parents

Sleeping baby:

  1. Newton Baby Mattress: This was the first thing I bought for Bella’s room! My biggest concern when mattress shopping was safety and breathability. This brand has breathe through materials where you can literally see through the mattress, so if a baby were to roll over during the night, it would reduce the risk of suffocation. Also, because of the material, it reduces the likelihood of your baby overheating, which I didn’t find in other brands. It is also a washable mattress that doesn’t break down, which is great to have at the newborn stage and then it can transition into them being a toddler. Definitely worth the money!
  2. Owlet Sock: This was our favorite item recommended to us by friends and doctors. It goes on your baby’s foot and alarms you if their blood oxygen level goes down or if their pulse is off. It has saved baby’s lives and although they can’t claim it prevents SIDS, that’s essentially what it does. We kept ours on Bella ’til she was 8 months old– call me crazy, but I ain’t messin’ around! It also gives you piece of mind, which is priceless, especially when you just want to rest while your baby is resting instead of hovering over them feeling for their breath. My thought on this, it’s a no-brainer. And even if it’s expensive, you can pass it down or share it with a girlfriend
  3. The Snoo: The Snoo came highly recommended, but we weren’t sure at first. We thought, ‘What’s the point of a bassinet that rocks them to sleep when we can just do that’. Well… when you’re sleep deprived and you’ve rocked your baby all day, it’s literally Godsend to have something swaddle, shush, and rock your baby back to sleep. It’s also shown to prevent SIDS because your baby is swaddled and safe in the middle. Again, piece of mind is priceless.
  4. Nanit: The Owlet also has a monitor option, but we were gifted the Nanit at our shower and ended up loving it. It links up to your phone and alerts you when your baby is up, moving around, and tells you if the room is a safe temperature. We still use it today and it’s amazing. * also I received this advice a long time ago and I always share this with my new mom friends… temperature in your baby’s room (once they’re not next to you) is super important. If they’re on a different floor than you, you can’t feel the temperature either, so something like the Nanit is helpful. Also, space-heaters are a not the best idea. Just make sure you have your Nanit is set up and fire alarms are updated so you can rest easy. 🙂
  5. Dockatot: Wow we used this way more than we thought we would. The only way I was able to shower would be to put Bella in her dock and jump in. Think of it as a portable sofa for your baby.
  6. Mamaroo: This was a registry gift and I’m so happy we got it! Bella would nap in there when we were upstairs or lay in it while we would eat dinner, etc. Some people’s babies love it, some don’t, but it’s worth a try.
  7. Sound Machine: The Hatch Sound Machine is sooo good. It’s perfect for your nursery too. We still use it!

Baby On-The-Go:

  1. Stroller! We love our Uppa Baby and basinet. 2.5 years later, we’re still cruising Bella in it! It also comes with accessories like a cup holder and a food tray, which I highly recommend.
  2. Carseat: We loved our MESA carseat. It’s super easy to use and you can pop it on your stroller!
  3. Shusher… not much to say except it’s amazing. Think of a portable sound machine shusher so your baby calms down anywhere
  4. Binky Clips: Get little binkies with loops on them so you can use the strap when you’re on-the-go. That way you don’t have to question the 3 second rule when your baby’s binky pops out on the grocery store floor…
  5. Wraps: These take a minute to figure out, but once you have the hang of it, your baby will be nice and snug against you for walks, out to eat, or around the house. I also loved these velcro swaddles.

Milk Mama- if you are breastfeeding

  1. I LOVED the Haaka pumps. When you’re breastfeeding on one side, it catches letdown milk on the other side. It helps increase your supply too. Best part is when I’d be in a pinch at the office or at a restaurant, I’d actually just sneak two of these up my shirt when I needed to pump instead of whipping out crazy cords or loud pumps. They’re inexpensive and so easy.
  2. Medela Pump: I didn’t start using this until a few months postpartum and I wish I started sooner. They’re amazing and really pump all your milk quickly. Once your baby sleeps and you need to still be up at night to pump to keep your supply up (yup, it’s a thing... even when your baby starts sleeping, doesn’t mean we get to * cry face)
  3. Como Tomo Bottle: If you end up needed a bottle these are amazing, because they mimic a boob. I needed Brian to feed Bella when I went back to work and she got used to the wrong bottle and stopped latching on… I was so sad. I really wish I knew about these sooner! They can help your baby go back and forth between the bottle and boob- it’s not guaranteed, but if you need to, they’re better than stiff bottles.
  4. Boppy Pillow: I loved this… not only for feedings but for placing Bella upright.

Diaper Duty

  1. Munchkin Trash Can: We looked at others, but this is THE BEST. We still use it and it’s incredible. It keeps the smell out and it’s very easy to use. Here are the BAGS too.
  2. Changing pad: We bought a couple of these. One for her nursery and one for our living room so we could change diapers often without having to go up and down the stairs every time. (I was scared to carry her up and down the stairs being so tried)
  3. Changing pad covers: Lifesaver… that’s all.
  4. Wipe Warmer: I’m not sure if this is absolutely necessary, but the thought of a nice warm wipe seems like a nice thing for your baby since they’re going so much and their skin is so sensitive.
  5. Not pictured, but what we used often was the Butt Paste. It helps with diaper rash and irritation.


  1. Zip up onesies! The button ones are cute… but you’ll thank me when it’s 2am and you’re easily zipping your baby up after the 4th feeding and change of the night. Also, these Baby Barn ones not only zip from the feet, they’re designed by my friend Jen and my husband BRIAN! 🙂 Baby Barn is his company!
  2. Tub! This tub is great because when they grow out of the newborn one, they use the toddler tub. Bella STILL likes hers even though we tried phasing it out. Highly recommended!
  3. Bath time needs: Not pictured, but we love the Honest Company bath time soap and lotions.
  4. Frida Baby Bundle: Nail clippers, booger suckers, and more… highly recommended to have on hand.
  5. Teething rings and toys. I like THESE because you can put them in the freezer. And this ring is cute and they can play with it.
  6. Sophie… she’s just a classic. NEED. 🙂

And just like anything else… I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things! Comment below some amazing must-haves that you recommend.

xxo Katrina (and Brian helped)

- Katrina

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  1. Charlotte Betty says:

    Only thing additional on my list is a humidifier! Though, it could be a lot more dry where I am from. Thank you for the recommendations!

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