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Podcast 009: How to Feel Confident, Worthy, & Beautiful with Hunter McGrady

Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

Today I have the most incredible guest… Hunter McGrady.

If you haven’t seen her before, you’re going to fall in love with her spirit and her heart. Her journey to confidence and success has not been easy, but she has never let adversity be a barrier to success. 

Today, Hunter is breaking down cultural beauty barriers as the first plus size woman to appear on the cover of a bridal magazine. She was also one of the first curve models to walk NYFW runways in September 2017 and she has graces the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit four years in a row.

Now, she has her own clothing line that is exclusively sold on QVC and it’s called “All Worthy” – coming off a hashtag she founded in 2017 to remind audiences that no matter your size, shape, or background you are worthy of feeling loved, feeling beautiful, and feeling confident. 

Hunter stands for inclusivity in everything she does and is an advocate for body positivity, mental health, and she works closely with the JED foundation for suicide prevention.

Thank you for joining us for this incredible conversation today!

PS- She’s about to launch her own podcast, Model Citizen with her sister Michaela McGrady! Stay tuned with these two amazing women!

Check in with us after you listen at @HunterMcgrady & @KatrinaScott



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Do you ever feel like you wait until you feel a certain way to do something? You maybe feel like you don’t deserve it until you feel good?


  • I can’t start dating until I lose this weight
  • I don’t deserve tis experience until I feel worthy
  • I can’t do this or that until my skin is clear
  • I can’t wear that until I I lose these last few pounds
  • I can’t start a blog until I’m interesting
  • I can’t start writing that book until I have my life together

We stop ourselves so much because we wait until we feel like everything is perfect— perfectly knowledgeable, perfectly healthy, perfectly put together. 

I do it sometimes day to day… if I don’t feel confident I will dress down instead of wearing something cute, because I don’t even feel like the outfit deserves better, LOL. But seriously— we all do it.

 I remember growing up and not feeling confident in my body and thinking— okay I’m not pretty enough to hang out in that group or experience those things. 

I’ve even felt like this recently with this podcast… I can’t launch this podcast until I feel like I know everything about launching a podcast… which you don’t know until you’ve done it… so here we are, scrappy, imperfect, and the way it was supposed to be all along. 

But really, we stop because we analyze ourselves so much…. and our self worth too much. It’s paralysis by analysis. We end up paralyizing our experiences, and our life because we’re afraid, we’re scared, or we don’t feel worthy of those experiences.  

The truth is… you are worthy of it all. 

There is no perfect moment, perfect skin, perfect health, or perfectly timed knowledge to do anything. We’re all doing things for the first time and literally… no one knows until they know! 

You deserve to wear the clothes you want to wear, love the people you want to love, and to experience life as you are. 

So right now… I want you to text me on my cell at 213-205-3604 with one thing that you’ve been wanting to do or experience… You are deciding right now that you are worthy of it. It could be buying your domain name for your blog… joining the dating app that you’ve been putting off, dressing up in whatever you want to wear like wearing just a sports bra during a workout, or updating your linkedin and putting yourself out there for your dream career… whatever it is, I want you to text me… accountability is key! You’re not only telling me, you’re making a promise to yourself. I’ll be sharing a bunch of your texts (don’t worry I’ll bleep out your name) to inspire others!

I can’t wait to hear from you… 

Sending all my love,

- Katrina

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  1. Lauren Turner says:

    I LOVED this episode! It was a beautiful way of reminding all of us we are beautiful. The both of you women kept me inspired the rest of my day.

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