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Podcast: Fertility Update + IVF/Pregnancy AMA

Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

Hi beautiful!

I hope you’re having a nice Friday. Today, I’m sharing a fertility update and IVF AMA. I share everything from our journey up until this point, to why it took me so long to record this, and how to support a friend going through infertility.

An AMA is where you can ask me anything. I receive questions by text message and you can text me anytime at 213-205-3604. So feel free to text me when you have a question and start it with the letters AMA so I know it’s for the podcast! 

Also, I want to say thank you everyone for being on this journey with us. It means the absolute world. Below are some time codes of the episode, especially for those that want to skip over miscarriage details.

Fertility Update + IVF/Pregnancy AMA

TIME CODE: 4:50-18:39

Our Miscarriages and Fertility Journey

TIME CODE: 18:40-21:13

How this pregnancy feels different than with our first pregnancy with Bella

TIME CODE: 24:48

-Emma: Any tips for first-trimester nausea?

TIME CODE: 27: 30

-Lorr: I felt so guilty not being able to work out 1st trimester. Tips?

TIME CODE: 29:18

-Yara: How can I be there for a friend who just started her IVF journey?

Along with the tips in the episode, here is an etsy shop with some cute IVF gifts. Here are some more shops!

TIME CODE: 33:55

-J Carroll: How did Brian support you during all this? What’s your best advice for a hubby?

TIME CODE: 39:15

-Chelsea: Best advice for preparing for IVF?

Along with the tips in the episode, here’s a post on how to prepare!

TIME CODE: 43:20

-Kaitlyn: How are you feeling? What are you craving? 

Also, here is the video from the night of our first D&C (early 2020). I filmed this for anyone that feeling alone in this journey.

A special thank you to all of the amazing nurses, doctors, and staff at Reproductive Partners. If you live in Southern California, I cannot recommend them enough.

Thank you again! Love you all so much!

PS. And thank you Baby Barn for today’s episode. Save 15% on Baby Barn clothing with the code Katrina15!

- Katrina

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