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Postpartum Bodies, Minds, and Relationships with Tori Simeone Dietz

Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

Today on the podcast, I sat down with the incredible Tori Simeone Dietz. It’s rare that you get to be so close in timing on a postpartum journey— and we’re just 2 months apart with Colette and Harper!

Tori is a mom, wellness expert, actress, model, and lifestyle creator (you’ve seen her dancing for the clippers, working out with TIU, rocking Vuori, and sharing her journey on Tiktok and Instagram!). She has taken her passion for wellness and turned it into a personal brand that inspires and motivates a community of like-minded women.

In this episode, we really touch on the phases of motherhood—pregnancy, postpartum, and finding your new self. She shares the struggles of being a new mom, what has helped her along the way, the lessons she has learned, and how it has changed her for the best. We also touch on something so personal— the effects that parenting has on your relationship with your partner. This is such an amazing episode not only for women in this chapter of life, but for anyone who is moving through changes in life. I cannot wait for you to listen! 

Top Things to Talk About with Your Partner Before Baby Comes

  1. Ask For Help: You may not know how you’ll need help once the baby comes, but you’re going to be expressing that you need them, especially in the middle of the night. We recommend your partner help get the baby up in the middle of the night. While you pee and get set up to feed, they can change their diaper. This is very important before getting stuck underneath your newborn for 45 minutes. This way you can get settled in your chair with everything you need (water, burb cloths, nipple cream, haaka, phone). They don’t have to be up for the full feeding, but being there in the beginning helps tremendously.
  2. Sleep in: If your partner was able to sleep more than you, then maybe they can help by waking up with the baby in the morning, so you can get one more full hour of uninterrupted sleep. Brian slept in the guest room for a while so he could take Colette first thing in the morning and get Bella ready for school. I was able to sleep another hour before he left for pre-school dropoff. You eventually figure out your routine together!
  3. Kiss each other goodnight + hug in the morning: Sleep deprivation will make you both go crazy, so acknowledge that you’ll probably get under each other’s skin. It’s all just temporary— we promise there’s light on the other side! Try not to go to bed or wake up angry, because you guys are a team. Agree that whatever you said when you were sleep deprived (tortured) is probably not what you actually meant.
  4. Teamwork: Work together on the following: Prepping and cleaning breast pumps/ bottles, changing diapers, finding binkies, cleaning swaddles and onesies, loads of laundry (including mamas milk PJs), groceries, cooking, and stocking changing tables and feeding areas.
  5. Guests: You should both agree on when to have houseguests. Check with each other first to see if it’s okay. When people pop by unannounced to meet the baby, you’ll most likely be topless, milk stained, and in a zombie state. 
  6. Sickness: Talk about how you want to handle sickness or people coming over who haven’t felt well. Have a hand-washing rule before holding the baby (if you even want to do that). What about visitors having flu vaccines or anything like that? Just make sure you’re on the same page before guests come over.
  7. Your first date: Are you both open to having a family member or someone you trust to eventually watch your baby so you can go on your first date? It’ll be important to connect as a couple. This could be around 6-8 weeks postpartum or even 6 months. Whatever you’re comfortable with— make it a goal and choose the place. It’s fun to have something to look forward to!
  8. Family Time: What do you envision family time being like and how would you like each other to ‘show up’? Is it dinner time, Saturday morning walks, or no scrolling Sundays? Whatever it is, make it a special routine.
  9. Scheduling: How will you handle a scheduling conflict when something comes up? Sickness, work conflicts, and cancellations happen. How will you divide and conquer?
  10. Tag Team: Being home with your baby all day is a lot of work… especially as they become mobile. No matter where either of you have spent the day, tag team laundry, dinner, dishes, and cleaning… teamwork makes the family work!
  11. Me-time: What’s one activity each of you need once a day or week to keep in your routine so you can keep your health and sanity? (examples: an hour of meditating & breath-work for you & some time alone watching sports for him)
  12. Check in: Finally, agree to check in with each other and see what the other needs. Have interest in eachother’s mental and physical health.

Thanks for tuning in to this episode.

You’ve got this!!

- Katrina

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