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Hi love! After a few weeks of blissful * and exhausting * newborn life, I’m sharing all of the products that have been essential. Postpartum needs from natural to C-sections births, here’s my list of go-to’s.

Postpartum Needs

  • The Snoo has been a must-have for both of my babies from 0-6 months. It is a Godsend to have the combination of motion and white noise to soothe your baby so you can rest more once you’re done feeding. The safety aspect also gives me such a peace of mind. The swaddle that attaches to the sleeper, prevents your baby from rolling over in the night. I could not recommend it more!
  • Bump & Beyond Life Planner: Tori Dietz created this amazing planner and it is a game changer! It has everything you need for pregnancy and postpartum including check lists, monthly goals, prompts, and all of the new mama tips.
  • For “the shower” when you get home from the hospital- load up on whatever products that make you feel pampered and happy! Truly… after your hospital stay, there’s nothing like that first shower. Prepare your space with essential oils, scrubs, and everything you need to feel incredible. Oribe’s signature shampoo and conditioner is what I ordered- it lasts forever and it makes me feel like I’m at the spa. Every shower that I get the chance to take feels special. Post shower I use the Covey 3 step Routine– it’s a quick and easy postpartum.
  • Having a cozy and lightweight jersey knit robe has been a must.
  • For those first few weeks postpartum, I have loved these button-up pj sets. I got these sets in white, navy, and rose pink. Trust me… you won’t want anything else against your boobs except for the softest fabric!
  • This Organic Nipple Butter is a life-saver and it’s made with clean ingredients.
  • These extra soft, high-wasted, postpartum panties are so comfortable and supportive.
  • The holy grail of ice rollers to de-puff is the Hot Mess Ice Roller by The Skinny Confidential.
  • For extra support and comfort during breastfeeding, I love this Organic Support Pillow.
  • This breast-pump has been such a great purchase, especially how easy it is to move around and travel with. Also, for extra convenience I use the Hands-Free Pumping Bra.
  • For those first few days home from the hospital, this is the postpartum underwear I went with (non-scented version).
  • Self-care and taking care of your strong body is so important. This Postnatal Skincare Routine by The Honest Company is amazing. And for when you are able to take a bath, I love their Dead Sea Salt Minerals for soaking.

C-Section Birth

  • Frida Mom has the most amazing products for moms, pregnancy, and birth. I have been using their C-Section Recovery Kit, which has everything you need. I also ordered an extra Recovery Band to have one upstairs and downstairs in the house.
  • While I’m still recovering, I have been using Stool Softeners and Cranberry supplements to help prevent urinary tract infection, which is really common after using a catheter.
  • This Scar Treatment has amazing reviews so I’m trying it out soon! I’ll report back ASAP!

Vaginal Birth

I hope this all helps! You’ve got this! xxo

- Katrina

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