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Hi beautiful!

Hope you’re having a nice weekend. I know it’s tempting to work on weekends to take care of other things other than your space at home, but nothing feels better than a clean home, an organized closet, and creating beautiful spaces for yourself… I promise it’s worth taking the time (even just 10 minutes). I actually used to be horrible at prioritizing our space— I’d put everything else in front of our home (work, emails, social media, catching up with a to-do list), but I realize now it’s not only great for our family life, it also just feels good to live beautifully.

Today, I’m sharing what items I’m loving to style my shelves. Everything from Target is amazing right now (especially for fall!) I’m also obsessed with Pure Salt Interiors— you’ll see a lot of the items below from their shop. More to come with them soon!


I am loving these beads from Pure Salt Interiors. I like putting them on coffee tables, over our books, wrapped around vases, and just bundled up together.


These black and white prints from Target are actually trays, but they work perfectly for sitting on a shelf!


I love the look of stacked books. It looks so elegant and gives a nice height accent.

More books that I love…

AD 100 – Architectural Digest

The Finer Things

Home Body

Ocean Accents

I love adding neutral corals and shells for a added texture.

My favorite clamshell- its beautiful on your shelves, dining room table, or counter top.


Mix in vases and pots with different tones, textures, and heights.

I hope you love all of these finds! Have a beautiful weekend,

- Katrina

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  1. Carri says:

    I can’t find the trays w pictures. I looked on target. Are they old ones? So pretty!!

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