Behind The Scenes Creating KSL

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Come behind the scenes creating KSL The Label!

If you didn’t see my post about healing with creativity, I shared that one of the best things you can do when you’re going through a transitional time in your life is to connect with your inner child. Your inner-child is still with you— her personality, creativity, and emotions. In our adult life, we are taught to suppress those parts of us, but tapping into this part of our subconscious mind can bring up so much renewal and rebirth. Get silly, get artsy, and get curious.

This spring I sat down with myself and just started doodling… which became sketches. Growing up, I would sketch out a design and my mom, a talented seamstress, would make it come to life. Whether it was a prom dress, pants, a top, or a swimsuit, my mom would make the pattern and piece it together.

KSL started as a sketch and became swimwear and linen sets. It’s purely a passion project that has been part of my own healing and inner-child work.

The line is also made locally here by female designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses. Each drop will help benefit philanthropic foundations- the Phoenix Collection benefits the Baby Quest Foundation, providing grants to women needing fertility treatments to help grow their families.


The Phoenix Collection represents hope, resilience, and rebirth. So many of you have shared your stories of rising up after facing adversity… and I hope you know how strong and resilient you are. I hope this collection can always remind you of how special you are.

Choosing the colors was probably my favorite part of the creative process. The saguaro green is so chic, elegant, and unique. Brian and I color-matched the Pantone to a beautiful 150+ year old cactus that’s in our backyard. The linen is custom dipped in this color and it’s even more stunning in person. The adobe sunshine is inspired by the way the stucco homes turn a golden yellow when the sun rises and sets in the desert. Lastly, the bronze is inspired by the clear skies at night when you can see all the stars. It’s a Brazilian tricot dipped in the most gorgeous golden sparkle.

I hope you love all of these custom pieces. Thank you for being part of this with me. It means the absolute world to be able to create for you!

Sending you my love,

- Katrina

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