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Our IVF Journey so far

Hi I'm Katrina~ Welcome to Live Beautifully! We connect on all things life, love, motherhood, careers, and overcoming obstacles, together. 

Hi beautiful,

I hope you’re having an amazing week. Wherever you’re reading this… at home, at your desk, running around, or on a walk, I’m just grateful that you’re here and we can connect.

I first want to thank you for sharing your stories, messages, and love.

If you’re just joining Live Beautifully, I previously shared our fertility journey leading up to IVF~ HERE is the post. I also wrote THIS POST the weekend we had our chemical pregnancy.

For a little backstory, between two pregnancies, I was pregnant for almost half of 2020. I was also pumped up on progesterone for 5 of the months and underwent two D&Cs. It was the most traumatic year (a total mind f*** to say the least) . There were some days that I wondered if I would be feel ‘normal’ again or if our story would have a happy ending. What I didn’t realize, it was just the beginning of our journey. And we’re still on it today.

After suffering two miscarriages and one chemical pregnancy, we spoke with our doctor and we were told we would be great candidates for IVF. It was a glimpse of hope.

I’ve received a lot of questions why we went straight for IVF and didn’t try other options to get pregnant. Keep in mind, all fertility journeys are different and unique to each couple. For us, we could get pregnant, but our embryos weren’t ‘healthy’ (I’m 37), so I couldn’t carry them to full term. Our second miscarriage was due to Trisomy 16 and if I had the chance to carry the baby all the way through, we would have lost him shortly after. Do we wish we had the chance to meet our son? Of course. But, we also know it would have been a lot of suffering for not just us, but for him. We’ll never know the answers to, ‘what if’, but we know we’ll be okay.

As soon as we decided to go through with IVF, things moved pretty quickly. We received all of our fertility drugs and instructions for at home administration.

Side bar- I still can’t believe we do this on our own at home! It’s a lot of needles, vials, and complicated instructions. Brian and I will have to do a story time on this, because he accidentally gave me triple the dose of one of my drugs one day, so my doctors had to increase my dosage so my body didn’t react all crazy… literally a long story that we will have to share-maybe on the podcast. So if you find yourself scratching your head looking at everything saying WTF… you’re not alone. We promise.

Actual screenshots of us saying “WTF”.

Here’s a video of our journey

This is the start of swelling and bruising…

Once everything looked good to go, we went in for our egg retrieval. I was so nervous, but excited. I literally looked pregnant (see the left picture below) and felt like a hen holding all of her eggs. It’s the heaviest feeling in your pelvis. BTW, between your follicles being so large and all of the swelling, it’s also totally normal to waddle. 


So here I was, waddling into the operation center of Reproductive Partners to meet with my nurse who would be taking care of me. I looked up from my bed and she had a butterfly clip. I immediately asked her if she liked butterflies and turns out she had a mini butterfly farm. For all the reasons… it put me at ease. It’s funny how we look for signs when we need them the most.

They put me to sleep and when I woke up we had good news…. they were able to successfully collect some eggs * tears of joy even when I think about that moment *. I won’t be sharing how many eggs we had, because I find this to be so individual to each woman. I also never want it to be a game of comparison- which can set us up for disappoint. I think it’s best to go in knowing you can’t control the outcome and to show up as the strong, resilient, amazing woman that you are. If you’re going through IVF too… you’ve got this. If you need more than one egg retrieval or an egg donor, your journey is unique to you and it’s totally normal. Hang in there <3

After the egg retrieval, we just waited for a call to see which embryos made it to day 5. It breaks down pretty quickly. Here’s what ours looked like:

80% of our eggs were fertilized. 54% of them lasted until day 3 and just 50% of those made it to day 5. Those remaining embryos were sent for genetic testing and 40% of them were abnormal/inconclusive.

If in the end you hear a small number compared to your total eggs, it’s very common. Under 20% of my eggs made it to the end as ‘healthy embryos’. I’m so grateful that we were able to do this and for the support of our community, friends, family and our incredible doctors and nurses.

If you’re considering IVF or any assistance in your fertility journey, I just want you to know you’re not alone. I know it’s heavy on the heart… and your relationships. Keep your head up, your heart open, and take care of your mental health. Sending you all my love.

- Katrina

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  1. L says:

    Thank you for sharing, I’m this “fertility journey” myself, I also have a perfect daughter and I’m 36, also have no issues getting pregnant and had 2 miscarriages last year (f*%k 2020). I feel like once to take the step towards the fertility clinics and doctors and diagnosis it becomes all consuming, I feel it’s everywhere now, IVF, IUI, donors, embryos, chemicals, abnormal eggs, all of it. I know we are all strong and can handle all of it but damn it’s hard, it’s hard knowing that my next pregnancy I’ll be counting the days until 40 weeks, no more blissful ignorance of how perfect everything felt with my daughter, now I know everything that can go wrong and I wish I didn’t. Anyway, I’m ranting, thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us to see what it’s really like, I hope and pray that we all get all the babies we want without anymore heartache and losses because even though we are resilient, we also deserve what we want, sending all the love ❤️

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Sending love to you and all the women going through similar experiences.

  3. Jossie Sepulveda says:

    Hi Beauty!!! Those are great news news. God will hold your hand and you will see his love and mercy. The storms always end with a beautiful rainbow 🌈. Sending you warm and healing vibes.

  4. Ann Manning says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kat. We went through two retrievals. I appreciate you not sharing your count numbers as it is a comparison game with no winners. But even more, I appreciate your breakdown as that is the most shocking. I remember thinking we had so many possibilities, only for it to dwindle to 2. But one of those two is 20 weeks along! The longest pregnancy I’ve had yet. <3 I know you know you're not alone. Thank you for reminding me and so many more that we are not alone. All the love and luck, Annie

  5. Caroline Brewer says:

    You tell your story with such strength. I hope you will have Brian as a guest star on your podcast someday. I’m a new wife and mother of soon to be 4. I’d love to hear how you and Brian communicate through the roughest days, and how you come out of every challenge a stronger couple.

  6. Amy says:

    Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best. I admire your strength and courage in sharing this intimate journey and raising awareness about infertility.

  7. Rachel says:

    I am so sorry for your losses. Your strength and bravery is amazing. Your openness and vulnerability will has and help so many women who struggle. Thank you for being you.

  8. Laura says:

    You have such a beautiful soul, thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this story. It gives me hope that while I may not know the end game here, I’ll be stronger on the other end. Much love to you as your journey continues to unfold <3

  9. Geri C says:

    Sending all my love to you & all the other women out there going through this incredibly difficult journey to motherhood. You’re so strong & brave for sharing with your community, and I love you so much for that bravery. Love & light.

  10. Ashley says:

    Thank you for being so open and honest with us throughout your journey. You are helping so many; I hope it is helping you too. God is with you every step of the way and wrapping your family in his love.

  11. JessN. says:

    IVF is so hard and it’s awesome that you are sharing your story. It definitely helps. I was 37 and went through 4 rounds total after trying for 4 years to get pregnant. We didn’t have any embryos make it to day 5 until the 3rd try. We did the 4th cycle to try to bank embryos since that drug protocol worked for us and we had zero make it to day 5 again. I spent a lot of time that year crying at work and nobody knew what we were going through. Well I was waiting for cycle day 1 to come that following so we could do a frozen transfer and it never came… somehow after almost 5 years I got
    pregnant naturally! Our son is almost 2 and he’s absolutely our miracle baby. I really love TIU and the community there and I just wanted to stop here and send some positive vibes to you and your family.

    • Eri says:

      How old were you when you conceived your son? I’ve been trying for a year and had a chemical pregnancy just last week. I have d.o.r and I’m 40. Just seeing if I can get one good egg lol.

  12. Kristin Graham says:

    We lost a baby due to Trisomy 18 in June of this year. It was the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. Saying goodbye to our sweet little boy broke our hearts. I know your heart break and feel for your journey.

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